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  • Housing Clinics - TBD

    Housing Clinics - TBD

    Families will have the opportunity to work with different Case Managers on a weekly basis to get assistance completing housing applications, performing housing searches, receive coaching and an introduction to HomeBASE and the HAND Up Fund, identify barriers to housing and gain direction towards resolving them, and touch on other housing related topics. Those who attend will also be able to exchange ideas and information with other families receiving services from Hildebrand. For more information on the Housing Clinics, please contact your case manager at 617-491-5752. *Limited to Hildebrand Families only*
    Boston Housing Authority's LTWH Housing Search Training - TBD

    Boston Housing Authority's LTWH Housing Search Training - TBD

    Join us as members from Boston Housing Authority facilitates a training on their new digital housing search tool specifically for families with Leading the Way Home (LTWH) vouchers. This new housing search tool aims to help voucher families navigate the many neighborhoods in Boston and Greater Boston available, providing information on commute times, schools, public safety, day care, and hospitals – all in one place. The tool provides customized recommendations for families based on specific transit needs and neighborhood preferences, all in an intuitive, easy to use digital interface. It also will help families navigate the Small Area Fair Market Rent (SAFMR) system where payment standards are set by zip-code. *Specific to Hildebrand families with LTWH vouchers*. Contact your case manager to register.
    Pest Education Workshop - TBD

    Pest Education Workshop - TBD

    John from B&B Pest Control will be facilitating a Pest Education Workshop for staff and families where they will gain some prevention and identification insight, including: Bed Bugs 101: What are bed bugs? How do you get them? What can you do to prevent them? What should you do if you have them? Rodents: signs of activity, what to do to prevent them, and treatment options. Helpful tips to avoid cockroaches. *Workshop is limited to Hildebrand staff and families in shelter, stabilization, and permanent housing. Spanish translation will be provided. Please reach out to your case manager to register.

Workshops & Trainings

Hildebrand offers workshops and trainings tailored to address the various challenges that our families face – budgeting, housing search, parenting, stress management, building healthy relationships, healthy eating, tenancy, housekeeping, self-care, resume building, and more.

Supplemental Resources

As part of our ongoing effort to support families, Hildebrand provides supplemental resources to assist clients in meeting their most basic needs - shelter, food, clothing and transportation. We also provide food cards, clothing, MBTA Charlie cards, etc.

Seasonal Supports

Hildebrand understands that birthdays, holidays, back-to-school, summer camp, and other family milestones can cause financial stress on families. We work to secure in-kind donations to assist families in enjoying these family markers.

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Workshops & Trainings

Workshops & Trainings
Hildebrand collaborates with a variety of organizations to provide workshops and trainings to families in shelter or in stabilization.

Cambridge Savings Bank

The “Financial Education” series is a four week training facilitated by Cambridge Savings Bank. The topics of the workshop are as follows:
• Budgeting and Saving
• Managing a Checking Account
• Credit
• Fraud

Community Servings

The “Eating for Health” series is a four week workshop facilitated by Community Servings, an organization that is committed to providing nutrition education for communities and families. Classes are led by a registered dietician or nutritionist. The goal of the series is to teach families how to improve their health through their food choices. The topics include:
• Planning a Healthy Meal
• Portion Control and Weight Management
• Healthy Cooking Techniques
• Grocery Shopping on a Budget

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Families First Parenting Programs

Families First Parenting Programs facilitates the P.E.A.C.E. Series, a seven week parenting training. Topics include:
• Parenting without a Home
• Self-Esteem
• Communication Skills for Parenting and Beyond
• Importance of Positive Discipline
• Effective Discipline Tools for Toddlers through Teens
• The Power of Nurturing Play vs. Electronic Media
• Looking Back and Moving Forward

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Project Place

The “Getting to Know yourself in the Workplace” series is a four week training facilitated by Project Place, an organization whose aim is to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty. The focus of the training is to build soft skills in order to be successful in the work place. Topics include:
• Understanding Your Strengths
• Building Confidence
• Assertiveness
• Moving Forward

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Story Stream

The Healing Stories “From Surviving to Thriving” series is a six week support group that aims to help women understand themselves and their stories. Women learn hard skills such as speaking in a group, eye contact, and the ability to connect with a story as well as soft skills such as learning to be reflective and centered.

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The Health Workshop Series is a six week workshop facilitated by YW Boston, in a continuing effort to empower women and eliminate health disparities. Topics include:
• Self-esteem
• Healthy Relationships
• Sexual Health
• Breast Health
• Heart Health/Stress Management
• Diabetes

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Supplemental Resources

Supplemental Resources
Charlie Cards
Hildebrand provides pre-loaded Charlie cards to assist clients in traveling via the MBTA to attend meetings, conduct housing search, and attend workshops. Cards are distributed on a case by case basis.

Family Resource Closet
Hildebrand depends on in-kind donations and community support to operate a Family Resource Closet complete with diapers, wipes, diaper cream, basic toiletries, clothes, shoes, jackets, books, toys, and baby gear.

Food Cards
When families first enter shelter, they often arrive with just a few bags of belongings. If needed, families are given a grocery store gift card upon arrival to shelter to help them get started. At times, families may need support while applying for SNAP benefits (if applicable), or, emergency help during a rough month. Food cards are distributed on a case by case basis and families must engage in budgeting with their Case Managers to come up with long-term solutions for healthy nutrition. Families are also given location-specific food pantry and community dinner information.

Seasonal Supports

Seasonal Supports
Support for Children
Campership Scholarships
Hildebrand works with local agencies and sets aside funding to provide camp scholarships for school-aged children. Summer camps offer families safe, engaging activities to fill the summer months.
Clothes for Kids [link to Clothes for Kids flier]

This program provides a $50 gift card to school-aged children 10 and under or a $100 gift card to children ages 11 and up to purchase clothes for the new school year. Clothes for Kids helps to promote self-esteem, reinforce self-worth and help level the playing field for children experiencing homelessness. 

Holiday Gift Drive
Living in shelter is always difficult for children and families, and the stressors become even more challenging during the holiday season. Hildebrand works with generous donors, companies, and community members to be able to give each child gifts directly from their holiday wish-list. Gifts are given to parents/guardians to distribute to give a sense of ownership to the process.

Support for Families
Thanksgiving Turkeys & Fixings
Hildebrand aims to provide turkeys and fixings to all interested families that do not have a place to go to celebrate the holiday.

Holiday Party
Hildebrand families come together to celebrate the holiday season with arts and crafts, face painting, games, bowling, dinner, dessert, and other festive activities.


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