• Latest News, Announcements and Press at Hildebrand

    Latest News, Announcements and Press at Hildebrand

Coming Home: A Client Success

In October, we hosted our first Open House at our administrative office here in Cambridge. We were fortunate enough to have a former client come and speak about his experience. Humbled by his experience Ibrahim had given a relatively short summary of his experience before going on to explain the long-lasting affects the circumstances that led him to Hildebrand continues to have on him and his family. In short, he escaped war-torn Sudan and seven years later is now a proud homeowner, here in Massachusetts. Read his story below: Ibrahim and his family escaped war-torn Sudan as political refugees in 2010....
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An increased focus on stabilization

Since Shiela Y. Moore took the reigns as CEO of Hildebrand in 2013, we have continued to grow and evolve in order to better support the families we serve. Under Shiela’s leadership our shelter capacity has increased from 99 families to 126; expanding the congregate living model from 23 units to 53 within two years after witnessing its increased success. She has increased our permanent housing from 5 units to 11, and finance and property management are now all conducted in house thanks to her efforts. While we continue to make great strides, family homelessness is not going away. Last year,...
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A Message from Leadership

Dear Friends, We are proud to share this report which reflects the outcomes of our work in FY’16. We are very appreciative of the support received from collaborators, donors, and fellow advocates in the fight to advance our vision that every family has a home. Hildebrand is an organization focused on permanent housing and stabilization, emergency shelter, and the provision of services that move families toward self-sufficiency. In FY’16, we placed 59 families into permanent housing and provided emergency shelter to 219 families. Despite the best efforts of our staff and providers across the state, families are the fastest growing segment...
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Increasing Therapeutic Play Opportunities

Shelter disproportionately focuses on adults and adult children ages 18 years or older. Parents are required to do 30 hours a week of job and housing search, work, school, and/or training program, and receive weekly case management where they discuss barriers to housing like credit or CORI issues, arrears, etc. as well as savings in order to help families become stabilized and, in turn, find housing. On a monthly basis, parents, adult children, and their case managers review their re-housing plans, which cover everything they need to do in order to become stabilized. These plans contain accomplishable goals that advance families...
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Welcome Our New Director of Development!

We’re excited to welcome Krystle Kelly to our team as the Director of Development! In this newly created position, Krystle will be engaging with our supporters, creating more volunteer opportunities, diversifying our funding through additional grant opportunities, and raising Hildebrand’s profile through community outreach. Krystle has over ten years’ experience working in Development and seven years’ experience working with families experiencing homelessness at Housing Families. “Initially, what drew me to Hildebrand was the mission to secure a home for every family. It’s a mission that has always been close to my heart and what drew me to the Development field ten...
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Show of Unity

Together, Boston area nonprofits are helping to ensure that all children get the support they need to build a brighter future. #kidsfirst   For more information, please visit www.weputkidsfirst.org. 
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Welcome the New Director of Operations

Please join us in welcoming the newest addition to Hildebrand’s Senior Team, Shawne K. Gillies, as the new Director of Operations. In this newly created position, Shawne will help to improve operational systems, including supporting better management reporting, information flow, business process, and organizational planning.  Leading a team of six, including three Facilities Technicians, the Facilities Coordinator, and Property and Housing Placement Manager, Shawne’s role involves managing all Hildebrand owned properties, leased residential and storage units, and office spaces and ensuring that standard best practices are in place by improving processes and policies in support of organizational goals and formulating and...
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National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week 2016

Yesterday marked the start of National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week; I could not think of a better way to enter the holiday season. While many of us gather together to celebrate with family, it can be easy to forget about those people who are not as fortunate. According to the National Coalition for the Homeless, 46.7 million people in the United States are living below the poverty line and 49 million are at risk of suffering from hunger. Your neighbor, coworker, your child's best friend at school, or even their teacher could be suffering from hunger. Homelessness and hunger do...
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Organizational Values

Since Shiela Y. Moore has taken over as CEO of Hildebrand, she’s worked diligently to improve our infrastructure. Hildebrand has grown exponentially under her leadership, from a 40 person team to 70 employees, 99 units of shelter to 126 units, and increased the permanent housing capacity to 11 units. Last year, Shiela, the Board of Directors, and Senior Management shifted Hildebrand’s focus and went through a rebranding process to ensure the organization has a more accurate and adequate representation. Along with rebranding, the Board of Directors (BOD) and Senior Management (SM) collaborated to refine the organization’s vision, mission, and values.  Our...
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Strathcona at a Glance

This past April, we opened Strathcona House, the fifth congregate living program in our portfolio, which was created out of the need to accommodate larger families while providing them with consistent structure and ongoing support in hopes that it will decrease their lengths of stay in shelter. The average length of stay for families living in scattered sites is a little over 15 months, while those living in the congregate setting move out in about half that time. Families living in congregate living programs have the added benefit of residential assistants, who help with job and housing searches, life skills classes,...
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Just in Time for Father's Day!

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and we wanted to take the time to highlight the Nurturing Fathers Program that we’ve been running over the past 10 weeks. Our goal is to provide support in a peer group setting to fathers, who are often underappreciated. Oftentimes, boys receive mixed messaging about what fatherhood entails. Take, for instance, the portrayal of mothers vs. fathers in sitcoms and television; most often, mothers are celebrated and credited for raising the children. Even when we look at our own culture: during Mother’s Day women are given roses at restaurants and offered respite from their copious responsibilities...
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A Journey Home: One Family's Success

Before entering shelter, Esther, Wilson, and their two children, Farah and Samuel* came to Boston in the wake of the earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010. They lived comfortably in Haiti; Wilson was an engineer and they owned their own home. After a forced relocation, they were offered housing in a couple of friends’ apartment. Esther and Wilson both had temporary jobs at a candy factory, but were unable to live off this pay alone. Eventually, the overcrowded apartment made for a difficult living situation and their friends asked them to leave. During their first few nights of homelessness, the family...
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The Parenting Journey

We're excited to host The Parenting Journey workshop series, which helps parents to become more confident by building on their strengths, resulting in a more nurturing family relationship. Many parents are often best served by first stepping back and reflecting on their own childhood experiences, before they begin to develop concrete goals for improving their relationship with their own children. Facilitated by our own case managers, Marisol and Meaghan, this 12-week workshop series focuses on promoting attitudes that enhance good parenting behaviors as well as providing the tools for parents to effectively model these behaviors at home. Marisol and Meaghan are...
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The Benefits of Internships

An Internship works twofold – (1) it is an opportunity for someone to gain experience working in their desired field and (2) the organization benefits from an additional teammate who’s passionate and willing to learn and contribute new ideas. Since September, Linda Jeong, a graduate student at Boston College, has been interning in our programs department under the supervision of Lyndsey McMahan, Assistant Director of Programs. A little over halfway through her internship, Linda has become an invaluable member of our team.  As part of her Masters of Social Work program at BC, Linda is required to do a field practicum....
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The American Justice Summit

On January 29th, one of our clients, Ada, spoke at the second annual American Justice Summit at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, NY. She describes her experience with guns and a wrongful conviction that separated her from her children and forced her to restart her life. Despite all that, and with a little help from her daughter, she's advocates against gun use to young girls as the Latino Field Organizer for Operation L.I.P.S.T.I.C.K (Ladies Involved in Putting a Stop to Inner-City Killing).  Watch her speak about her experience at 2:06:26 to 2:15:51.  
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Welcoming our New Assistant Director of Programs, Joy Gallon.

Please join us in welcoming our new Assistant Director of Programs, Family Advocacy & Support Team, Joy Gallon! Prior to joining us at Hildebrand, Joy worked at The Edinburg Center in Lexington, MA for over a decade. While there, she worked in various capacities, but most recently she was the Director of Community Intervention Services, responsible for overseeing short-term programs providing services to people with serious mental illnesses. “The programs that I was responsible for included a short-term respite and outreach program that provided intensive mental health services to a small number of clients (up to 5 on-site clients and up...
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Waking from the Nightmare to a Dream Come True

Lana* was laid off in March of 2015 and became homeless in May. Before coming to Hildebrand, Lana, her husband, and their daughter were placed in Emergency Assistance shelter in Central Massachusetts. “I tried to be optimistic, I wanted to follow the rules, and to go in prepared,” she said, having meticulously read rules in order to comply with the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). Unfortunately, however, her experience at her first shelter was extremely difficult and morally degrading. She was placed into a scattered site apartment in a complex with other families in either scattered site or subsidized...
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Why I Joined the Hildebrand Board, by Kelly Mann

"Why I joined the Hildebrand Board" By: Guest Blogger, Kelly Mann, Chair of the Board When people ask why you joined a Board of Directors for a non-profit they are most often anticipating a heartwarming story of immediate connection with the mission of the organization.  Sitting on a Board is often not glamorous and involves a lot of agenda driven conversation, voting on motions, and reviewing an unending stream of paperwork. It would take someone whose heart is in the mission of a nonprofit to join their Board. However, if I am to be honest about why I joined the Board...
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A Guide for the Journey Home

Before coming to Hildebrand, Arianne* was living in the Days Inn Hotel in Methuen with four of her children. She made the choice to transfer to Hildebrand because she knew the environment was not good for her children. Five people living in the same room makes for a stressful living situation.   “At first, [my children] had a lot of questions, ‘why weren’t we living in a house?’ – they started acting up,” Arianne said of her time in Methuen. When she first came to Hildebrand she was “excited because my kids felt like they were in a home.” At the...
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