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Kelly Blackburn, Vice-Chair, Vice President, Clinical Affairs, aTyr Pharma

Kelly Blackburn is a native Massachusetts resident and has been living and working in the Boston area for the past 15 years. She has an undergraduate degree in biochemistry and master degrees in both education and health administration. For the past 20 years, Kelly has worked in the pharmaceutical industry in the drug development arena, and has been instrumental in three transformational drug approvals in three different therapeutic areas over the last six years. She is currently Vice President, Clinical Affairs for a start-up biotech in San Diego, aTyr Pharma. 

Alongside her industry experience, Kelly is an active member in the community, having held board positions at Worcester Academy and WGBH. She received the Varsity Club Award in 2013 from Worcester Academy for excellence in athletics and professional career. Additionally, Kelly has worked with the Department of Children and Families (DCF) for the last 15 years as a volunteer foster care review panel member as well as a foster mother. In 2013, she was named as Area Foster Mother of the Year. Active participation in the community and helping to give children and their families hope of a brighter future remain cornerstones of the work that is important.

It Takes a Community...

It Takes a Community...
"It Takes a Community..." by Kelly Blackburn The weather is starting to turn towards spring, but just a couple of weeks ago, we had one of those bitter cold New England weekends. For most of us, we are able to turn up the heat and stay sheltered from the weather. Especially on days like those, I think about how tough it must be if you don’t have easy access to things some of us take for granted– proper clothes, ability to pay the oil bill, a roof over your head. I remember how fortunate I am to be able to wait...
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