Hildebrand Family Self-Help Center Purchases Permanent Supportive Housing

By Shiela Y. Moore


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Organizations work in partnership to maintain affordable housing in Boston

Boston, MA – November 29, 2021 – Hildebrand Family Self-Help Center, Inc. (Hildebrand) has purchased an 11-unit building at 12 Humphreys Street, Dorchester, from Sojourner House. This acquisition supports Hildebrand’s mission of providing shelter and permanent housing to families experiencing homelessness and ensures that the apartments in the building remain affordable for residents. Both organizations are leaders in the movement to end homelessness and provide safe, affordable homes with supportive services to families in crisis, so the partnership is a natural one.

“I’m so excited that Hildebrand’s partnership with Sojourner House has helped our purchase of 12 Humphreys Street and that these 11 apartments will remain affordable for Boston’s children and families”, said Shiela Y. Moore, Hildebrand’s CEO. “This doubles Hildebrand’s permanent housing ownership and continues to strengthen our supportive network in Boston for families experiencing homelessness. Hildebrand’s vision is every family has a home, and adding 12 Humphreys Street to our real estate portfolio will help us continue to make that vision a reality.”

Hildebrand also operates 135 units of shelter for families experiencing homelessness, and last year helped over 1,000 individuals who were experiencing homelessness, over 600 of whom were children. Each family receives case management, supportive services, community resources, and housing search support until they are ready to move out of shelter and into permanent homes. Hildebrand’s Stabilization Services team then continues to work with the family for another two years, to ensure they stay stably housed.

“Housing insecurity continues to increase in Massachusetts”, added Moore, “So Hildebrand’s capacity and impact will also continue to increase, to make sure that each and every family finds shelter, support and – when ready – a home of their own again.” Hildebrand Family Self-Help Center’s mission is to partner with families experiencing homelessness. The organization works to disrupt the cycle of homelessness by providing shelter, permanent housing, training and work readiness programs, and life skills development. Hildebrand restores hope and builds brighter futures, with the vision that every family has a home. Founded in 1988, Hildebrand has been at the forefront of the movement to end family homelessness for 33 years.

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