Strategic Plan: FY22-FY25

In FY22, Hildebrand staff and Board worked together to create a Strategic Plan that will shape the work of the organization for the next three years and beyond. The Strategic Plan will transform Hildebrand and its impact on families experiencing homelessness, while disrupting the systems that lead to it. The plan identifies four Strategic Directions, each with its own bold set of goals that will guide the growth and development of the organization into the future.

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Strategic Directions


1. Develop or acquire real estate for more affordable housing and to support organizational growth

1. Research possible models for the development of homes, services, and offices
2. Develop and/or acquire real estate
3. Build affordable housing

2. Bring about systems change to disrupt the cycle of homelessness

1. Build a public policy and advocacy agenda
2. Work to influence legislation
3. Change mindsets around causes and solutions to family homelessness
4. Create strong partnerships

3. Build the capacity needed to grow the organization

1. Increase revenue
2. Create a specialty shelter (e.g. for mental health focus, substance use disorders, immigrant populations)
3. Hire subject matter experts in key areas (real estate, law, health, etc.)
4. Ensure we have the workforce capacity to meet the growing needs of Hildebrand

4. Ensure access to resources for clients

1. Create training programs based on client needs/feedback
2. Provide or connect clients to affordable transportation
3. Launch social entrepreneurship/Hildebrand business
4. Provide a financial stability and asset building program (including home ownership)

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