Holidays with Hildebrand

Thank you for making the Hildebrand holidays so bright!

A very special thank you to all Hildebrand 2023 Holiday Drive donors for making the holidays so wonderful for all the children and parents in Hildebrand’s shelters! Hildebrand now has 157 families in its emergency shelter program, with more than 200 children – and each and every family had toys, presents, and gift cards for their children. Also, Hildebrand provided many families with warm winter coats, hats and gloves; personal hygiene items; books and educational materials; and basic accessories such as socks, to help get ready for the winter.

All of this is thanks to your generosity, kindness, and commitment to Hildebrand’s vision: every family has a home. Thank you for making sure the spirit of giving was truly celebrated, and for supporting Hildebrand in such a meaningful way.

Man smiles next to a pile of donated toys and gifts.

Anthony Patterson of Mercy Worldwide

A man and a woman stand next to bags of gifts.

Ojamaas from Follen Church

People in masks in Hildebrand's Resource Room with wrapping supplies and toys for the holiday market.
People look through winter coats hanging on a clothing rack.
Toys for children at Hildebrand's holiday market.
Electronics including headphones, earbuds, and Kindles at Hildebrand's holiday market.

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